Impact Evaluation (Lead: ISGlobal, Spain)


This WP proposes to review, improve and provide an impact evaluation approach to deliver the evidence and increase the effectiveness and impact of SS in the society. This WP aims to improve the impact evaluation approach of previous SS, harmonize and integrated the impact evaluation methodology in SS projects. This new impact evaluation approach will also offer a clear guidance to evaluate SS in different geographical and sectorial contexts, helping to identify and co-create with end-users relevant indicators of process and result to monitoring and evaluate the impacts before and after the implementation of the SS.

DELIVERABLE 6.1: Open Platform introductory video

Tutorial video in which the InSPIRES Open Platform and the Online Impact Evaluation Tool are presented.

DELIVERABLE 6.2: Presentation of the Open Platform and Online Impact Evaluation Tool.

Download here (14,5 MB, pdf.)

This report describes the development process of the InSPIRES Open Platform (OP) and Impact Evaluation online tool, its purpose and objectives.  The OP comes from a comparative assessment of the existing impact evaluation methodologies and it’s the result of an iterative process in which all the members of the consortium, as well as external key actors, have contributed.