Co-Creating the Development and Piloting new SS models and methods (Lead: VU, The Netherlands)


This work package will co-develop new methodologies that make existing SS more collaborative and inclusive and that better accomplish the process as described by RRI, Open Science and Impact Evaluation requirements. This WP will also develop new models of SS 2.0.

DELIVERABLE 3.1. Results of the Science Shops 2.0 models, including links with public engagement activities

Download here (PDF, 12,2 MB)

This deliverable presents a framework for Science Shop’s operational model. After three Delphi rounds and one expert panel with Science Shop practitioners, our approached evolved from a pure university-based model to a process-based framework of Science Shops work. It suggests rethinking processes as experimentation on challenges involved in a changing political and institutional landscape – a call relevant to scholars concerned with public engagement and participatory mechanisms in science and technology, as well as to science shop practitioners.

DELIVERABLE 3.2. Results of the pilot projects on new models for Science Shops

Download here  (PDF. 1,2 MB)

In this deliverable we report on the 31 pilot projects conducted by the consortium members in seven countries. We describe the local and organizational context of the InSPIRES Science Shops, followed by the background information of the different pilot projects (e.g. topic, methods, research process, stakeholder involved etc.) Thereafter, we propose a closer look at the participatory and public engagement approaches observed in these pilot projects. Finally, we reflect on the elements of the RRI processes and Open Science Principles that we found present in the pilot projects and the respective Science Shop processes in general. Also, we reflect upon the key-challenges faced in those pilots as well as we discuss alternatives project members have encountered.