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UDL- Pasteur Street 92,
CS 30122, 69361
Lyon Cedex 07, FRANCE
T.+33 0437372686

Université de Lyon (UDL)

The Université de Lyon gathers in its new framework 11 universities and engineering or business schools. This federation of research and higher education institutions located within the Lyon-Saint-Étienne region is home to up to 130,000 students, 11,500 researchers and 6,000 PhD students. Among its main missions is the Science and Society department. Created in 2007, its role is to act as a cultural bridge between the researchers and civil society. Ten persons (six females & four males) work on a main focus: the direct impact that scientific activity has on the life of citizens, for example issues related to health, environment and new technologies. As a CCSTI (Centre for Scientific, Technical and Industrial Culture), the department is a place of experimentation and modelling of new forms of science communication, enhancing the dialogue between all the actors of society.

Today, the main goal of this department is to become a forum for the experimentation and the modelling of new forms of cultural mediation involving the different actors of society: Cultural events and activities like National Science festival, European Researchers Night; Science and society debates and dialogues: Workshops, Professional seminar, Public Debate, Valorization; Access to research with our science shops; Research thinking platform: animation of a Science and Society commission, focus groups, trainings, organize interdisciplinary meetings

Role in the Project

UdL is the leader of the WP5 on teaching and training, and will also contribute to the WP 2, 3, 5 and 6. As partner in the EnRRICH EU project and due its strong expertise in SS and RRI, UdL will play a key role in mentoring, together with VU future SS structures, and it will be a key player in developing the North- African hub of SS.


Dr. Florence Belaën

Head of the Science & Society Department

Armelle Bozok

Administrative and financial manager of the Department

Pauline Bryere

Chargée de projets - Science & Society Department