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CEADES- Rico Toro 1054,
Queru Queru, Cochabamba, Bolivia
T.+591 44797145

Ciencia y estudios aplicados para el desarrollo en salud y medio ambiente (CEADES)

CEADES (Ciencia y Estudios Aplicados para el Desarrollo en Salud y Medio Ambiente) Foundation is an non-profit institution that promote, develop investigation and intervention projects , that also provides technical support and tools to improve health care access in vulnerable population, mainly for neglected tropical diseases and environmental studies. CEADES have many studies in collaboration with “Faculty of Medicine – San Simon University” and “J. Misael Saracho University”, and other international institutions with focus in Health Research.

Since 2009 CEADES has worked together with ISGlobal (Spain) to develop a collaborative project called “Platform for the comprehensive care of patients with chronic Chagas disease” focused on modeling care for the so far neglected Chagas disease patients. Besides patient care, the Platform promotes training and research activities. Currently, the Platform has six sites in Bolivia which gives us the opportunity to perform large collaborative studies, including clinical trials.

CEADES has worked with DNDi and ISGlobal in the performance of the clinical trials of E1224 and Fexinidazol against Chagas disease. Besides, we have been involved in the studies: “Efficacy of immunocromatography/HAI-ELISA in diagnosis for Chagas disease” and “New tools for early diagnosis of myocardial injure and evaluation of Chagas disease treatment”.

Role in the Project

CEADES will be involved in WP2 to establish a research baseline in project implemented with CSOs and regional actors. They will implement SS projects in Bolivia, being the main partner to develop the South-American SS hub in the context of WP4. CEADES will collaborate in implement the Latin America summer school, registered as a task in WP5.They will actively contribute to dissemination and communication activities (WP7).


Nilce Mendoza Claure

Social Communicator - Communication Manager at CEADES

Faustino Torrico

Ph.D. Project Coordinator in Bolivia – Director of the Postgraduate Course in Tropical Medicine - UMSS

Daniel Franz Lozano Beltran

InSPIRES Principal Investigator in CEADES

Claire Y. Billot

InSPIRES Co-investigator in CEADES

Franz Fernando Zapana Brañes

Social Communicator- Community workshops organisation