CEADES Foundation develops the third scientific coffee: perception of health care in people with HIV

Café científico organizado por la Fundación CEADES

This activity has brought together, in a relaxed environment conducive to dialogue, 42 participants coming from several social groups: people living with HIV, NGO working for HIV, professionals from Public Health Services, Public Health authorities, and medical students. A lot of ideas, perceptions, sometimes contradictory, have been shared, among others related to quality of care, even reluctance of attendance in some cases, new regulations regarding financing of HIV treatment, complications of AIDS, difficulties for compliance and others topics.

All activity was recorded in live and transmitted via the Facebook page of CEADES Foundation: some comments or questions coming from the social network were directly transmitted to the panelist. The video we viewed more than 400 times and the page shared 9 times.

It is the 3º event, CEADES Foundation  organizes with the Medical Department of Research and the Medical Scientific Association of Students of Faculty of Medicine (UMSS, Cochabamba). The 2 previous debates were focused on the Ethics in Medical Research, and the scope and limitations of new regulations of Tuberculosis National Program.

This kind of event attracts quite a lot of students, researchers and people from civil society, reason why it is necessary to confirm the participation in advance, and restrict to a maximum of 40. All registered participants receive a set of selected references, one week before, in order to be prepared for the debate.

It is a new strategy to bring together academic people, public authorities, and civil society around current issues in health, sharing news knowledges, looking together for some solutions, and proposing research questions to the students.