InSPIRES Spring School in Tunisia: “Science shops: Strengthening the Links Between Research and Society”

22-23 April 2019 – Institut Pasteur de Tunis

The Institut Pasteur de Tunis and the Direction of Culture, Science and Society of the University of Lyon as partners of the consortium of the H2020 InSPIRES project, are organising a French speaking spring school around Science Shops. Its ambition is to create and strengthen links between the research community and civil society (represented by organizations, associations or communities working on societal issues). It will also offer a platform for training, exchange and networking with experts in participatory research to develop new science shops or similar devices.

Around the concept of participatory research, the aim of this training is to explore the means of producing socially useful knowledge that can lead to significant societal changes. The InSPIRES Spring School will be held in Tunis, Tunisia with the aim of stimulating the Science Shop system on the African continent as well as in the French-speaking countries around the world. Participants will come from different countries (Tunisia, Morocco, France, Canada, Burkina-Faso, Senegal, Benin, Guinea, Niger, Ivory Coast).

At the opening of this event, a round table will be organized bringing together experts from participatory research and science shops from different horizons. After that, workshops based on the process of a science shop will generate knowledge exchange and offer further skills to participants of the spring school.

The inscriptions for the Spring School have already been closed but the content will be recorded and put online in the InSPIRES Youtube Channel.