InSPIRES Open Platform, accessible here

InSPIRES has achieved one of its most ambitious goal: developing an online collaborative and crowdsourced database featuring Science Shops, Citizen Science and similar structures and their related projects, as well as offering an integrated impact evaluation tool capable of producing real-time project evaluation report.

The aims of the InSPIRES online database and impact evaluation, accessible here, are to:

  • Identify and visualize the size of the Science Shops, and other similar structures, movement and similar structures worldwide.
  • Register collaborative research and innovation projects, facilitated by these intermediation structures, to show their objectives, knowledge and geographical areas, as well as the main collaborators involved.
  • Provide to the community an intuitive and customizable impact evaluation tool to capture process and results outcomes in a harmonized manner.

The Impact Evaluation tool provides an automated analysis of participatory processes and their outcomes. At the same time, it compares the performance of all the project registered on the platform. The platform collects indicators under five essential dimensions for Science Shops and other participatory projects: a) Knowledge Democracy, b) Citizen-led Research, c) Participatory Dynamics, d) Integrity, and e) Transformative Change.

For doing so, we have developed questionnaires to be applied at four phases: beginning, mid-term, end, and six months after the end of the project. There are personalized questionnaires in each phase according to the actor profile: Civil Society Organizations, Students, Project manager/ Science Shop coordinator, and Scientists. The evaluation results can be accessed at three visualization levels: public, for project members and for project managers.

In the end, the InsPIRES community hopes that the platform will support the community (structure coordinators and project’s participants around the world) mutual learning by sharing Science Shops experiences and other participatory research and innovation projects good but also failed practices and methodologies.

The development of this Open Platform has been led by the ISGlobal team in deep collaboration with the Data Science and OpenSystems research groups at the Barcelona University. All InSPIRES consortium members have also played an important role in its inception and evolution.

InSPIRES wants to thank all the stakeholders involved in the 58 research projects that tested the Open Platform (see Deliverable 6.2, Presentation of the InSPIRES Open Platform, impact evaluation methodology and online tool).

At its “Learn” section, the OP introduces the InSPIRES e-learning platform, with learning modules introducing participatory Science Shop processes and other forms of collaboration between science and society.

At this same section, the OP also presents its SELF-REFLECTION QUESTIONNAIRES and the following guides:

  • Guide 1: Overview of the InSPIRES Open Platform: Welcome to the InSPIRES Open Platform!
  • Guide 2: How to subscribe to the InSPIRES Platform?
  • Guide 3: How to create a structure?
  • Guide 4: How to create a project?
  • Guide 5: How to evaluate a project?
  • Guide 6: Stages of the evaluation process


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InSPIRES Open Platform, accessible here