Giving back to the community a summary of the results: CEADES Chagas Science Shop (Phase III)

In Bolivia we spent the whole month of December, 2018, giving back to the community a summary of the results of our three Science Shop studies carried out by master students in Chagas disease.

We organized events in five different contexts: civil society of Punata (a province nearbye Cochabamba), health staff of Punata’s hospital, students of medicine of UMSS (public) university, Association of patients with Chagas disease, and finally in CEADES office.

First, in Punata, the full activity was recorded and broadcasted by the local television channel which has an audience of 35,000 people, and in parallel, via the Facebook page. We had the participation of local leaders, health representatives, technical staff for vector control, representatives of education sector. We have enriched the event with a beautiful artistic exhibition by photographer Ana Ferreira.

Second, in the hospital: with the participation of medical doctors and nurses.

Third, with students of medicine organized by the Scientific Association.

Fourth, with the members of the Association of patients with Chagas Disease “Corazones Unidos”.

And, finally, with the full staff of CEADES.