Advisory Board

Advisory Board

caffe scientifici

Science Café Italian Association

The Coffee-Science tool was born as a method of scientific dissemination alternative to that proposed by official channels (universities, specialized magazines, scientific articles). This tool has the intent to bring topics of Science and Technology to the general public attention in a colloquial and accessible way, while always paying great attention to the rigor and completeness of the proposed topics.

The method, which initially involved only a few local entities, has reached a strong global diffusion in the last few years and, in particular, is increasingly taking the field in several Italian regions. More and more easily you can come across a Caffè Scienza or a Scientific Aperitif organized while walking in some local downtown.

Hence the need to create an Italian Coffee-Science Network in which to gather the experiences present in the different regions and make them immediately accessible to all those interested in participating in an event or who have the will to organize one in their own city.