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Fermín Serrano

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Fermín Serrano Sanz

Fermín Serrano is executive director of the Ibercivis Foundation and recognized expert on citizen science. For over a decade he has worked and collaborates with several institutions including the University of Zaragoza, CERN, the European Commission, Ars Electronica, Sónar+D, the Austrian Academy of Sciences, the Cotec Foundation or the European Digital Art and Science Networ, and the European Citizen Science Association. Fermin participates and participates in several EC funded projects related with citizen science, highlighting the Socientize and the Spanish Observatory of citizen science which he coordinates. He is external advisor and evaluator for EU H2020 projects.

With InSPIRES he aims to foster linkages of RRI and citizen science communities and to explore new synergies emerging in common spaces for research, social inclusion and innovation.