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Advisory Board

Antonio Luchesi

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Antonio Lucchesi

The Associazione Insieme Onlus is a social promotion association that operates in the territory of Mugello and Florence to intervene against discomfort and marginalization. The association manages three residential buildings in Mugello and a day service in Florence. Insieme Onlus is a social promotion association set up in 1982 that deals with people addicted to drugs and marginality. The association runs four structures where it implements a pedagogical rehabilitation program aimed at emancipation from the condition of dependence for people with pathological use of psychoactive substances.

Since 2015, Antonio Lucchesi is the President of the Association Insieme Onlus. Since 1990, Antonio has been a community operator at rehabilitation facilities for drug addicts of the Borgo S. Lorenzo Insieme Association (Fi), where he also served as the Head of the Reintegration Structure. Antonio has also been a speaker at about 50 conferences and has held lectures in various universities, high schools and training courses.