The main goal of the 4-year InSPIRES project is to build effective cooperation between science and society by supporting the growth of Science Shops and enabling the expansion of responsible participatory research and innovation in Europe and abroad, in order to tackle key societal challenges that affect the world population.

In order to achieve this main aim, the project proposes the following objectives:

Objective 1: To co-create, and jointly pilot, refine and implement a set of innovative Science Shop 2.0 models aligned with RRI, OSc and impact evaluation requirements and that are more culturally, health and environment sectors adapted, with a focus on innovative and participatory techniques for systematically engaging civil society and other key RRI stakeholders in research and innovation.

Objective 2: To establish new Science Shop structures and strengthen existing Science Shops within and beyond Europe’s borders through a training and mutual learning programme around the models and tools developed.

Objective 3: To contribute to the European debate on the interaction between science and society for research and innovation, through comparative impact assessment of the InSPIRES initiatives and comprehensive reviews of existing good practices.

Objective 4: To widely disseminate these models and to promote international strategic alliances through the implementation of Transdisciplinary and Transnational SS projects, the establishment of Spanish and Italian networks of SS and through policy impact.